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Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual and Indiana Lumbermens Mutual insurance companies are proud to announce their recent affiliation. With over 200 years in combined experience, PLM and ILM are joining forces to become America’s premier property and casualty insurance carrier serving the lumber and building materials industries.



Our mission statement embodies the spirit of PLM/ILM and is the touchstone we rely on to give others a better understanding of our organization. For over 100 years, the PLM and ILM mission statements remained largely the same. The affiliation of our two great mutual insurance companies has afforded us the opportunity to reconsider our goals and the direction we wish to take this opportunity.

Out of many lengthy conversations outlining the goals and opportunities of this affiliation, our new mission statement was formed. Please take a moment to consider its message. We think it tells you a lot about us.

To be recognized by stakeholders as America’s premier property and casualty insurance company serving the lumber and building material industries by establishing long-term relationships built on stability in the marketplace, superior service, industry-specific risk management, quality products, and the utmost professionalism as we consistently strive for profitable growth.

To learn more about the specifics of our affiliation and to see why we believe we’re better together, read our affiliation communications below.