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"We have been in business since 1963 and started insuring with PLM shortly after. PLM has always been fair, honest, very good work with, and have gone out of their way to provide coverage as I needed it."
Dale Dukes
Dukes Lumber Co Inc.

"Thank you for your help. The ILM Group and its personnel are certainly professional and a pleasure to work with. We hope to continue our relationship in the future and please, no more storms."
Richard Judd, Jr., President
Judd Lumber Company

"I deal with so many different carriers on a daily basis and sometimes it's difficult to get a live voice on the line or even a call back response on something urgent. Thank you for always picking up, helping out, and making my job a bit easier! PLM is lucky to have such a professional player."
Wang-See Lee, Senior Claims Specialist
Eastern Insurance Group
(Statement in reference to Ray Rogers, Claims Examiner)