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"Having just received an email from our insurance broker saying that ILM will be sending $200k tomorrow, I wanted to say thanks as your prompt responses have been most helpful. I know that you have a lot of work, and that working with so many entities cannot be easy. Nevertheless you have been both professional and cooperative as you have been certain that RAD receives the monies we need during this difficult period."
Josh Cantor,
[In reference to Randy Thompson, Property Specialist for PLM/ILM]

"One of our long-term PLM insureds experienced a total loss to their lumber warehouse in the Summer of 2014 due to a fire. The claim representatives from PLM were on-site immediately to investigate the fire and start the adjustment process. PLM’s claim representatives were professionals throughout the entire process and also demonstrated a complete understanding of the client’s business and operations. The claim was settled and closed within 6 months of the fire which is truly outstanding considering the overall size of the loss. PLM lived up to its promise."
Bill Holman, CPCU, ARM, CRA
Holman and Company

"I have worked with PLM for several years now and they have always taken care of their insureds and supported the agents in every way. If there is ever an issue I know who to call and I always feel confident that PLM will be fair. They truly look out for their customers and will do what it takes to get them back on their feet after a loss."
Eddie Stafford,
Lumber Insurance Services

"Thank you!! I wanted to write and say thank you for moving our storm damage project along to its completion and making payouts as needed. The service from Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance was superb. They arrived here right after the damage occurred and started the claim right away. I wanted to say thanks to Terry Welty and Fran Calhoon from Miller Dredge, our insurance agency, and Steve Zwolfer from Illinois Claim Service. Pennsylvania Lumbermens was well represented by these people. There has been a lumberyard here at this location for 127 years and thanks to Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance, maybe it can be here for another 127 years. Thanks again for everything!"
Tammy Lufkin,
Hansen Lumber